I used play-doh to create a guitar and my guitars are important to me because they help me relieve stress when I am upset. Also, I like playing the guitar for fun. I have four different guitars. Three of my guitars are acoustic guitars and one is an electric guitar. I received my acoustic guitars first, and I received the electric guitar this year for Christmas. I wanted an electric guitar because so many people that I know like to play on an electric guitar. The sound of an electric guitar is different than the sound of an acoustic guitar if you have a pedal on it. My life is better from playing the guitar because it is just fun to me. I noticed the cookies because it looked delicious and I would eat it. I liked that the person made the play-doh creation about food because who doesn’t like food? I also noticed the skull. I thought the skull was cool because it looked unique and different from the other play-doh creations. It reminded me of that one skull from the video game Call of Duty. Creating with play-doh is like the writing process because you have to express yourself. Also, you have to explain what you created. You need several attempts to get your creation right and I changed what I wanted to create a bunch of times, which is similar to writing an essay. Also, I wanted to make my play-doh creation a pickle because I thought it would look funny, but it would be hard to say why that is important to me, which is how rhetorical decisions played into what I created.